A dream—busted!


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Just when her faith in humanity was revived
and her veins started to bleed love
the world came crashing down
and broke her into a thousand pieces.

Just when her heart learned to trust
and eyes began to sparkle with hope
reality hit her right on the face
and now her heart beats hurt.

Those naive souls!


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Thundering rains, fierce winds, blazing sun or even the bitter cold couldn’t shake it up a wee-bit. Nevertheless, leaving scars—a reminder of its callous character.

Standing tall and guarding like a headstrong soldier, year after year; the mountains were the sole and only witness of the bold and mysterious past times—such is how our ‘souls’ are.

Mired in dispute, our souls bore testimony to the ever-changing desires and expectations of the self and the society, each passing minute of our lives. Only if we knew that pleasing the entire world is not a human forte and that the ‘life is short’, happiness would have been a daily companion. But then who needs a life of solitude—what a paradox.


Tale of a carefree soul


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Ruthless and selfish—she seemed to the entire world.Ditching her sensitivity, she loomed like a heartless soul. Bestowing an impression of a callous heart, she went on with her life like an open beast—carefree and careless. Dodging those gilded desires, she nearly escaped, a thousand times.
Leaving behind teary eyes, she maneuvered past but stumbled to the charm of a generous gentleman—one who taught her the true meaning of ‘love’.

A man with an upbeat soul, one with whom she knew, would thrive each day. 

Confessions of an immature soul


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Those baseless tantrums. Those beautiful moments. Those countless cuddles. Those naughty deeds. Those childish excuses. Damm that immortal feeling….

Flashing past where those innumerable memories of the past which was, indeed, her present since the very beginning. Days past―to be filled with butterflies and shinning glory; indeed were brimming with the thought of loss… loss of the life seen since the time immortal.

Joy was immense…like a dream come true but alas the marriage of families was a new twist. Confused happy soul defying the world―persisting that this is the time of your life and cracking  jokes which portray otherwise.

Bestowing wishes….do as your new family says…alas it was never the marriage between the man and (his) lady. Silly (bride-to-be)….

Dusted the soul!


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With days hard and nights harder,
you walked in like a passing silence.

Pledged to revive the glory of love,
you dusted the rusted heart.
Coarse like a bitter fruit,
you restored the lost purity.

Like spring, you blossomed the soul.
Like silence, you soothed the senses.

Adding words to those silent lips and
senses to those dead feelings,
you tamed a chaste heart.
Igniting the treasure of purity,
you taught ‘love’.


A transition


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As the night draws close
And the world gets quite
Those beats grow louder
starting to ramble.
And battling past the crumbled heart
they thrive to gain attention.

As the wind gets fierce
And the air starts to chant love
Those forgotten moments
no longer remain unknown.
And steering past the numb soul
they thrive to gain attention.

Well, that my love is nothing
but a transition.

Those memories


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Something that was lived for so long–which was indeed a reality became just a fragment of her imagination.

Those moments which were once ‘their’ treasure–their loving secret were now laid open for the world to pass judgement. Those memories which ignited her soul were now termed as a bad omen. They were to cherish and laugh thinking and talking about those beautiful memories but now he walked past leaving her with the burden of those inglorious memoirs.

Yes, not a step here or there; time passed and she stopped loving him not to mention she completely stopped ‘loving’. They say, love is divine. absolutely true but the question is, what is love?

That was love?


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The beauty of the heart is the lasting beauty: its lips give to drink of the water of life.

Perfect start it was–just like it’s suppose to be when it’s a matter of two hearts; let’s say the wind was in favour of those two souls! They opened up like two lost souls and poured everything they did witness in the past years; they cuddled like it was the only good thing left; played and joked like best friends–inseparable was the word.

She went with the flow though it was obvious to be ambivalent at first–which she was indeed but things happened; for good or for worse–she did not bother. Rolling past the rough patches, she was almost certain that they shall make it to the end, happily. How could they survive without each other; they knew that was impossible or at least she knew–the reason he found love the second time and she became a gypsy. 

Where is that kick?


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Would you mind if I tell you that the way you are doing it is absolutely wrong? I believe so! But patience is not my forte. So, here you go…

Yes, you are not ‘living’. You are just passing your days. Boiling up to counter this? Hold on a second and answer a few of my questions. Note: If answering each one takes you more than a minute, understand that there is something wrong and your living strategy needs to be reworked.

What gives you a kick?
How often are you tempted to say, what a fruitful day, it was?
How many hours in a day you dedicate towards your passion?
Do you have a list of ‘things to do before you die’?

Well, I can go on and on but getting answers of just these four questions seemed paralyzing now than think what will happen when your conscience asks you these same questions during your last days? Scary? I know it is enough to give you sleepless nights. But my objective is not that.

Don’t show that sign of dismay for you are not a loser. Get up and get started. Stop feeling sorry for yourself because it is only you who can bring that change in your life. Fire up and live with all the zeal, build opportunities and start being your biggest competitor.